The Story of The Devil's Twins

Most bands adopt the “devil” moniker. The Devil’s Twins came into it in a more traditional sense - not through evil or the occult, but simply because the Devil is their dad.

Gripped by the Devil’s music at a young age, Nicole Marie and Jeremiah John, aka The Devil’s Twins, took a liking to their dad's stash of blues, jazz, soul, and rock’n’roll records.

Entranced by the sounds of Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson, and AC/DC, the Twins pined at the prospect of following in their footsteps. Souls in tow, they went to their dad for help - but despite their plea, he refused to sign them, claiming a “conflict of interest.”

Facing dad’s refusal, The Twins spent the next 10 years spreading their own gospel. Best described as noir-punk, they were tearing up stages in the Boston underground scene with fiery performances alongside the likes of Slash, Slaine, July Talk, Local H, and The Misfits.

With 11 Boston Music Awards nominations, and 2 wins that include Rock Artist of the Year, it’s no surprise they developed a cult of followers dubbed the “2crew” due to their matching “2” tattoos taken from the band’s logo. And that’s why, at last, Dad decided 2022 was the year the Twins had earned their horns.

Joined now by Aitan Ben-Joseph on saxophone and Eric Ortiz on trumpet, the Twins announced their 3rd full-length album, aptly titled HORNS will be released on vinyl, CD, and cassette with a street date of February 2023.  

Stream the debut single “ANGER ROOM” on Spotify Friday, July 22nd.

Despite their sinister lineage, The Twins are driven by the belief that every person has the potential to be a force for good. Even if your dad is the Devil.

  • The Devil's Twins are:

    Jeremiah John Louf (Vocals/Guitar)
    Nicole Marie Coogan (Vocals)
    Eric Ortiz (Trumpet)
    Ethan “Aitan” Ben-Joseph (Saxophone)

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