7" INCH Clear Lathecut Release Party:: 3/19/2016

2crew, welcome to 2016!

This is the first D2s Boston event of 4 that we will host in 2016. We’re starting off the new year with a (very) limited edition clear special, hand-crafted lathe cut of our new single “Little Sister Let it Run” & b-side crowd favorite cover of Roger Alan Wade’s “If You’re Gonna be dumb (You Gotta Be Tough)”. 

There will be 50 copies of this 7” inch single only made available the night of the show, then …no more. 

Because of the (very modest) size of the venue, (80 heads capacity) this event will sell out so if you want a copy we urge you to get in line early. 

More goodies about this event will be announced as the date approaches. 

The Devil’s Twins