5 songs that relentlessly make Jeremiah weep like a baby

Admittingly, I have a history of liking things that a lot of people don't. The reverse being that I don't like a lot of things that people do like, or even consider "genius." Despite things being jammed down my throat like The Labyrinth, Cats the musical or Bob Dylan (sorry - I've tried), I'm usually left in the corner with one eyebrow up squinting my face trying to understand.  

All that being said, the same seems to be true for what songs hit me hard, send shivers down my spine and bring me to tears when it seems no one else in the room barely bats an eyelash. So here's a list of songs you can play in the background of a party I'm at to get my weeping like a baby. 


5. "Dick Jones"
Artist: Local H
Album: What Ever Happened to P.J Soles

It's likely no surprise to anyone that Local H would make it on this list as it is well known that they are my favorite–or at least most listened to band since I first heard "As Good As Dead" when I was 9. This song however, takes us back to 2004 with Scott's second release with drummer Brian St. Clair "What Ever Happened to P.J Soles." 

Years ago, I had a conversation with Scott at Brighton Music Hall (or I believe "Harper's Ferry" at the time) at their merch booth after their set. They were doing a tour where the audience got to chose what songs that would make up their set list for the night on little pieces of paper distributed at the door. I told him that out of all the times I'd seen them, I never got to hear "Dick Jones" live and was hoping this would be my chance. He said he'd never got a request to play that song. Surprised, I said, "Really?! The chorus to that song gives me shivers and literally brings me to tears..." He replied, "Really? It's not supposed to." 

Oh well. 


4. "I Still Miss Someone" 
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: The Fabulous Johnny Cash

When I listen to  Johnny Cash I become overwhelmed with comfort, like being held by my mother or father as a child. He can sing anything and make it sound like he wrote it right here and now for you in whatever is happening to you that moment. I remember being on tour, coming in and out of sleep in the back of the van with this song coming through my earbuds while I tried not to let everyone else notice that I was weeping like a baby. 



3. "Black Me Out" 
Artist: Against Me!
Album: Transgender Dysphoria Blues

We took a band trip to go see Against Me! with Laura Jane Grace for the first time, "Black Me Out" was the only new song they had released at that point so we were anxiously awaiting it. When the beginning riff started it hit me with that excited shiver feeling you get, then chorus hit with a huge explosion, I looked over at Nikki and saw that she was getting tear-eyed, then I started getting teary-eyed. I looked back and she was balling, then I began to ball. It was a secretive moment, until now. 


 2. "This Skeleton Living In Me"
Artist: The Devil's Twins
Album: Consequences

Going for truth here, so fuck it, I put one of our songs.

"Skeleton" is probably one of my favorite songs I've written. It was the first song we wrote for Consequences, before we had a name for the album. Certainly one of my favorite songs to play live. Ironically, it's our only song in a major key and is I think the most redemptful sounding songs we have. On the first two records, most of the songs (even if sung in the first person) are written from a character other than me. The messages are more transparent on Consequences. If you listen to the bridge where we say "Marry me so I believe a prayer can save my soul", you'll hear my voice crack because I started to tear up during the take. At first I said I should do another take, Ryan insisted on keeping it as a "real moment that we were lucky enough to catch on record."  


1. "Wrecking Ball"
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Wrecking Ball

Nothing will bring a man to tears quicker than seeing his Mum weep. In my case, it comes even quicker when my Mum sings. While spending the night getting drunk on wine with her about a year ago, we had this record on. The title track came on and our discussion quickly nulled to pure listening as we both stared into space. About three quarters in when the song reaches a climax with her teary eyes closed she began to sing the line with me "hard times come, and hard times go, hard times come, hard times go, just to come again..." as if she knew it all along. It was an unspoken emotional moment where we both knew this song would now carry meaning for the two of us. Just singing half buzzed on my bed, just me, my Mum and The Boss.